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Cloud Nine

Don't let sleepless nights and exhausted mornings get in the way of your life.

What's in the Capsule?

Functions Based on TCM Principles


Nourishes the heart yin, helps the body cope with anxiety, reduces irritability, calms the mind and promotes better sleep

Jujube Seed


Quiet the spirit and calm emotions.  Enrich the yin and blood, known for stopping night sweats. The sedative effect is greatly enhanced with Jujube seed.

Arborvitae Seed


Promotes a calm state of mind, supports memory when the heart and spleen are insufficient

Root Poria


Nourishes the blood, tonifies the heart and soothes irritability

Salvia Root

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Nourishes the blood, tonifies the heart and soothes irritability 

Ophiopogon Tuber


Nourishes heart yin, and clears heart heat while promoting calmness

Lily Bulb


Nourishes yin and blood while it tonifies the liver and kidney

Mulberry Fruit


Strengthens the qi of the spleen and heart, clears heat, and harmonizes the effects of other key herbs

Licorice Root

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Cloud Nine 

Power Down + Glow Up

Maybe you’re struggling to stay awake during the day, burning oil past midnight, or you feel like your skin looks dull no matter what you do.


Our natural ingredients promote restful sleep and help you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.


With Cloud Nine, you can finally get the rest you need to take on the world.

  • Promotes peaceful sleep and radiant skin

  • Regulates a healthy circadian rhythm

  • Nourishes qi and blood

  • Boosts energy and calm emotions

Get to Know Us

At Apothekure, we believe in the power of nature. We source the highest quality ingredients from around the world and use traditional Chinese medicine to craft products that provide balance and a restored sense of well-being.

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Why You Should Start Paying
Attention to Your Circadian

Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles that are part of the body's
internal clock. One of the most important and well-known circadian
rhythms is the sleep-wake cycle. When properly aligned, a circadian rhythm can promote consistent and restorative sleep. But when this circadian rhythm is thrown off, it can create significant sleeping problems.

It's estimated that 30% of the American population suffer from sleep deprivation.

Cloud Nine works with your system to help you sleep better.
It is made with natural herbs that have been used for centuries to
promote restful, refreshing, and deep sleep so you can wake up
feeling radiant and beautiful.

What Our Customers Say

"I'm so glad I found Cloud Nine! I was having lot of
trouble sleeping and was feeling really stressed out all
the time. But since I've been taking Cloud Nine, I've
been sleeping so much better and don't feel nearly
as stressed. It's great because it's not drowsy, so I can
take it during the day and still be productive."

Michelle K, FL


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